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The price point is infinitely close to zero Robert Matr Cal
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It is emphasized here that amino acids refer to the ingredients of the protein, mainly used as a moisturizing agent in cosmetics. It is different from the amino acid surfactant used in cleaning products. The latter has cleaning capabilities to clean the skin, and the former has no cleaning ability, which belongs to the moisturizing ingredient. It is a true amino acid washing milk only with the washing milk of the amino acid surfactant as the main component. Amino acid surfactants and amino acids are different components. The main component of facial cosmetics and dirt is oil. The cleansing oil uses the principle of oil-soluble oil to dissolve dirt and cosmetics. Surfactants can emulsify dissolved dirt, dissolve in water again to achieve the purpose of making makeup remover. Surfactants can clean cosmetics and dirt. The amino acid washing soya primarily with a weak acidic amino acid surfactant is a cleaning component, and the pH is close to the human skin, the amino acid is the basic substance of the protein, mild skin. (1) Shampoo: shampoo / shampoo generally refers to a product for cleaning your hair and scalp.Dimethylbisdecylammonium chloride supplier  Like washing and brushing, shampoo has become a routine hygiene measure in modern life. With the improvement of health and living standards, the frequency of use of shampoo is getting higher and higher. Shampoo is generally a complex mixture consisting of 10-20 chemical components. These components are mainly divided into three categories: cleaning matrix, active ingredients and excipients.CP Bisdecyl Dimethyl Ammonium Chloride manufacturer  Among them, the surfactant is the main component of the shampoo cleaning matrix, and is also the main component of shampoo cleaning. Depending on the hydrophilic group, it can be divided into anionic surfactant, cationic surfactant, amphoteric surfactant, and nonionic surfactant. When the water molecules are in the water, the gravity of all aspects is equal, and the molecules of the water surface are different, the attractive force is imbalanced. This imbalanced attraction has a trend that rewards water surface molecules intoward, so the water surface always has a trend of automatic reduction.Didecyldimethylammonium chloride factory  If some detergent is added to the water, the washing chamber equipment is introduced, and since the molecular hydrophilic group of the surfactant in the detergent is attractive, one end of the hydrophilic group of the surfactant can be dissolved in the water, and the water to the surfactant The hydrophobic group of the molecule is small, and the hydrophobic group attempts to pull the entire surfactant molecule from the water, and the surfactant molecule buries in water, the hydrophobic group is overwater. The price points are close to zero Robert Maitekal, providing benefits to estimate the socio-economic value of the Maitcar's Law Network. In fact, the principle of cleansing cleansing and one-to-washing milk and cleansing water is the same, mainly adding a large amount of surfactant, usually clean, and some simple light makeup can be removed directly. Sodium coconutyl, lauryllate, sodium coconutyl glutamate, three amino acid surfactants are large royal core cleaning ingredients, and the skin is smooth and not tight. The kitchen detergent makes the hand rough. In addition to the degreasing force of the surfactant itself, the surfactant adsorbed on the skin is also an important reason for the change of protein changes. The handmade kitchen detergent begins with this reason. In the formulation of the anionic surfactant as the main surfactant, an additive is added to prevent detergent components from adsorbing on the skin (representative additive is alkyl dimethylactamide), or using the kitchen detergent formulation, mainly nonionic Surfactant. This detergent is effective, which can greatly improve the rough use of the kitchen detergent. Here, Xiaobian is still weak. What I want to say is that you can consider our Lova's detergent. I don't know if the leader will add a lunch to my lunch next day. In addition, sodium coconut oil (hereinafter referred to as coconut sodium), lauryl betaine, etc. Coconut sodium is a use of a uxine surfactant whose ingredient is quite mild. The anti-allergic effect of tea polyphenol is currently 2-10 times the commonly used anti-allergic drug, aloe vera elimination can eliminate various surfactants damage to the skin. This makeup remover is not irritating to the skin. The natural surfactant contained in this makeup remover not only protects the protective film of the skin, but also prevents skin dry, any skin can be safely used. It contains a reinforcing barrier and a component that is suitable for sensitive skin, more thorough than other cleansing oil products, which is ideal for daily removal.
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