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Retardants Phenoxycyclophosphazene CAS:1184-10-7 ZR001 This product is an additive halogen-free flame retardant, mainly used in PC, PC/ABS resin, PPO, nylon and other products. When this product is used in PC, when the content of HPCTP is 8-10%, the flame retardant grade of the product reaches FV-0 level; this product also has a good flame retardant effect on epoxy resin, and can be used for the preparation of large-scale integrated EMC for circuit packaging, its flame retardant performance is much better than the traditional phosphorus bromine flame retardant system; this product can be used for benzoxazine resin glass cloth laminates, when the mass fraction of HPCTP is 10%, the flame retardant grade reaches FV-0 This product can be used in polyethylene, and the LOI value of the flame retardant polyethylene material can reach 30~33; this product can be added to viscose fiber spinning solution to obtain flame retardant with oxidation index of 25.3~26.7 Viscose fiber; this product can also be used in LED light-emitting diodes, powder coatings, potting materials and polymer materials. Hexaphenoxy cyclotriphosphazene has a unique P, N hybrid structure, showing high thermal stability, flame retardancy, high limiting oxygen index (LOI) and low smoke emission properties, etc. It is an additive halogen-free flame retardant. , widely used in epoxy resin, copper clad laminate, LED light-emitting diode, powder coating, potting materials and polymer materials, is a kind of excellent fire retardant materials and self-extinguishing materials. Product advantages: 1. This product is a class of compounds with P and N as the basic skeleton. The structure is stable, and there is no halogen pollution problem. When it is burned, there is basically no toxic gas generated, and no secondary disasters will occur. 2. This product has good thermal stability, can be heated for a long time at high temperature above 250 ℃, can also withstand ultra-low temperature, and can withstand water, oil and organic solvents. 3. Good flame retardant performance and small amount of addition. Under normal circumstances, when the addition amount is 8-10%, the flame retardant grade of the product can reach the FV-0 level, which is 50% of the BDP and RDP addition amount. 4. Due to the stable structure and small amount of addition, the properties of the product and other substances will not be changed during use. 5. This product is a white crystal, no need to be heated during use, and no special packaging is required for transportation, making it more convenient to use and transport.
Retardants Resorcinol Tetraphenyl Diphosphate CAS:57583-54-7 ZR003 RDP is a halogen-free phosphate flame retardant, which has the advantages of low volatility and excellent thermal stability, which can meet the needs of engineering plastics processing. It can be used as a flame retardant for engineering plastics such as PC/ABS and PPO/HIPS.
Retardants Poly(pentabromobenzyl acrylate) CAS:59447-57-3 ZR005 This product is an aromatic polymer flame retardant with high bromine content and good thermal stability, especially suitable for thermoplastic engineering plastics, PET, PBT, PA and styrene copolymers. As an oligomer with high bromine content, it has excellent thermal stability and has significant advantages compared to the current traditional halogen flame retardants. This product has good processing performance, excellent impact strength, perfect compatibility with glass fiber and excellent electrical properties, and does not migrate or frost in the substrate. This product is widely used in synthetic materials in military, textile, electronics, electrical and other fields, and is especially suitable for engineering plastics for the manufacture of complex electronic equipment.
Retardants Ammonium polyphosphate CAS:68333-79-9 ZR007 Used as cyclizing agent and acylating agent, etc. It can also be used to formulate a variety of high-efficiency intumescent fire-retardant coatings, which can be used for fire-retardant treatment of high-rise buildings, ships, trains, and cables; for fire-retardant treatment of wood, plywood, fiberboard, paper, and fiber; for plastics, resins, and rubber. It is the main flame retardant additive of intumescent flame retardant (IFR); it can also be made into dry powder fire extinguishing agent for large-scale fire extinguishing such as forests and coal fields. It is the main raw material for composite flame retardants such as plastics and rubber. It is suitable for plastics (PP, PE, PVC, etc.), polyester, rubber, various high-grade intumescent fire retardant coatings and other fields. Product advantages: 1. It is a halogen-free environment-friendly flame retardant with nitrogen structure, it is type II ammonium polyphosphate. 2. The product has high polymerization degree, good thermal stability, low hygroscopicity and small dosage, which is beneficial to reduce production cost. 3. It is different from halogen-containing flame retardants. During combustion, the product''s expanded carbon layer provides thermal and air isolation, and is characterized by low smoke, low toxicity and no molten droplets. It is an efficient inorganic environment-friendly flame retardant material. 4. The PH value is close to neutral, and there is no corrosion to the production equipment, which reduces the production cost from another perspective. 5. It can synergize with aluminum hydroxide, and the effect is better.
Retardants cresyl diphenyl phosphate CAS:26444-49-5 ZR009 This product is an additive flame retardant plasticizer. Compatibility, oil resistance, excellent electrical insulation, good hydrolysis stability, low volatility, high plasticization efficiency, low temperature characteristics and good wear resistance of products, mainly suitable for PVC, VC copolymer, polyvinyl acetal, nitric acid Flame retardants such as cellulose, cellulose acetate, butylated cellulose acetate, natural and synthetic rubber, plasticizers, gasoline and lubricant additives.
Retardants Tris(2-chloropropyl)phosphate CAS:13674-84-5 ZR011 This product is widely used as additive flame retardant, with good flame retardant effect, low volatility, good oil resistance and hydrolysis resistance, it is a low-cost flame retardant, suitable for soft and rigid polyurethane, foam plastic , PVC, epoxy resin, unsaturated polyester, phenolic resin and other plastics.
Retardants Tris(2-chloroethyl)phosphate CAS:115-96-8 ZR013 This product is mainly used as flame retardant and petroleum additive. Because it contains phosphorus and chlorine in the molecule at the same time, the flame retardant effect is relatively obvious. In addition to making the product self-extinguishing, it can also improve water resistance, weather resistance, cold resistance, plasticity. and antistatic properties. This product is a phosphoric acid ester combined with phosphorus and chlorine, so it has good flame retardant and plasticizing properties for plastics and rubber products. This product has been widely used as a flame retardant in PVC, polyurethane soft and hard at home and abroad. In foam, cellulose acetate, nitrocellulose paint, ethyl fiber paint and flame retardant rubber, rubber conveyor belt. The obtained product has self-extinguishing property, weather resistance, cold resistance, antistatic property and soft hand feeling, and the general addition amount is 5-10 parts. The polyurethane rigid foam flame retardant index (LOI) can reach 26. In addition, it can also be used as an extreme pressure additive for lubricating oil, a gasoline paint additive and a thermal coolant for magnesium metal.
Retardants Tris(butoxyethyl) phosphate CAS:78-51-3 ZR015 This product is a flame retardant plasticizer for plastics and rubber. It has excellent low temperature flexibility, flame retardancy and durability. It can improve processing performance and shorten the kneading period. This product can also be used as a plasticizer for nitrocellulose, ethyl cellulose, and acrylic plastics, which can make the products have transparency and good UV resistance. This product is a flame retardant plasticizer, mainly used for flame retardant and plasticization of polyurethane rubber, cellulose, polyvinyl alcohol, etc., with good low temperature characteristics. It is used as a flame retardant plasticizer for rubber, cellulose and resin and processing aids. Used in acrylonitrile rubber, cellulose acetate, epoxy resin, ethyl cellulose, polyvinyl acetate and thermoplastic and thermosetting polyurethane. Also used as defoamer (antifoam) in coatings, washing It has good low temperature characteristics. It can also be used as a plasticizer for nitrocellulose, ethyl cellulose, and acrylic plastics, which can make the products have transparency and good UV resistance.
Retardants Tris(xylylene) phosphate CAS:25155-23-1 ZR017 This product can be used as a plasticizer for vinyl resin, cellulose resin, natural and synthetic rubber, and also as a flame retardant and plasticizer for PVC conveyor belts, artificial leather, and floor materials. This product has low volatility and water resistance. It has good flame retardancy and can also be used for anti-combustion turbine oil. It has good flame resistance, good thermal oxidation safety, and good lubricating performance. It is an extreme pressure and anti-wear additive and thickener for lubricating grease. It has good flame retardancy and can be used as plasticizer for vinyl resin, cellulose resin, natural and synthetic rubber, with low volatility, good water resistance, and flame retardancy. Good thermal oxidation safety, good lubricating performance, extreme pressure anti-wear additive and thickener for lubricating grease. Used for anti-combustion turbine oil, with good thermal oxidation stability and lubricity, as extrusion anti-wear of lubricating grease Additives, plasticizers, and also used as flame retardant, wear-resistant, mold-resistant cables, PVC conveyor belts, artificial leather, foam, floor materials, and can also be used in metallurgy, electric power, mechanical engineering, etc. Oil.
Retardants Triphenyl Phosphate CAS:115-86-6 ZR019 This product is mainly used for PVC, PU, epoxy resin, polyester fiber, PC/ABS, PPO/HIPS, PVAC, PS, CA, CAB, CA/CAB, VC/VAC, fiber resin, vinyl resin, natural and synthetic In rubber, vinyl resin, natural and synthetic rubber, hydraulic solutions and lubricating oils, cellulose polymers, polyurethane materials, and paints and varnishes, it can be used as a raw material for the preparation of agricultural pesticides, as an ethylating agent, and ketene produced catalyst. This product can be used as a flame retardant plasticizer for cellulose resin, vinyl resin, natural rubber and synthetic rubber with low flame retardant efficiency, excellent mechanical property retention, transparency, softness and toughness. It is used in nitric acid Cellulose, various coatings, rigid polyurethane foam, plasticizers for engineering plastics, flame retardant additives. Used to increase the plasticity and flow properties of plastics during molding. Used as a plasticizer for plastics such as nitrocellulose, cellulose acetate and polyvinyl chloride. It is used as a fixed solution for gas chromatography, a plasticizer for cellulose and plastics, and a non-flammable substitute for camphor in celluloid. Gas chromatographic stationary solution (the highest temperature is 175℃, the solvent is diethyl ether), the selectivity is similar to that of polyethylene glycol, and it can selectively retain alcohol compounds.
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