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Fungicides Diclosan CAS:3380-30-1 SJ035 Antibacterial agent Elexin HP-100 is a high-efficiency broad-spectrum antibacterial agent, which has a wide range of killing and inhibitory effects on infection-causing or pathogenic Gram-positive and negative bacteria, fungi, yeasts and viruses. Pathogenic and odor-producing microorganisms. Due to its long-lasting antibacterial effect on treated surfaces, it provides long-lasting freshness and antibacterial protection on fabrics, hard surfaces and cleaning utensils. Mainly used in home care and industrial and institutional cleaning, effectively remove bacteria, prevent cross-contamination and re-contamination, and meet people''s hygiene needs. For example, it is added in detergents, fabric softeners, hard surface cleaners, disinfection of food and feed areas, and disinfection of industrial equipment and facilities.
Fungicides 1,2-Bis(bromoacetoxy)ethane CAS:3785-34-0 SJ001 This product is an efficient anti-corrosion fungicide, which is widely used as a water treatment agent for industrial circulating water, industrial cooling water, bactericidal algaecide, etc. water treatment agent, bactericidal algaecide, etc.
Fungicides 1,4-Bis(bromoethylketoneoxy)-2-butene CAS:20679-58-7 SJ003 It is an industrial fungicide used to prevent the growth and reproduction of bacteria and algae in papermaking, industrial circulating cooling water, membrane filtration systems, lubricating oil for metal processing, pulp, wood, paint and plywood, and can be used for slime control. It is widely used in pulp and circulating cooling water systems and membrane systems in paper mills. As a biocide, it can penetrate the cell membrane of microorganisms and act on certain protein groups to stop the normal redox of cells, thereby causing cell death. At the same time, its branches can selectively brominate or oxidize the special enzyme metabolites of microorganisms, eventually leading to the death of microorganisms. This product has good peeling performance, no foam when used, liquid product and water can be miscible in any ratio. Features: bactericidal effect of non-oxidizing fungicides; It has a peeling effect on the slime formed by bacteria; Compatible with all membranes; It is not easy to penetrate the membrane into the product water, and it is not easy to produce resistance; It is suitable for a wide pH range, has good biodegradability and does not pollute the environment.
Fungicides 2,2-Dibromo-2-nitroethanol CAS:69094-18-4 SJ005 This product belongs to bromine series compounds, which is an efficient antiseptic and bactericide.
Fungicides 2,2-Dibromo-3-nitrilopropionamide CAS:10222-01-2 SJ007 DBNPA is a broad-spectrum and high-efficiency industrial fungicide, used to prevent the growth and reproduction of bacteria and algae in papermaking, industrial circulating cooling water, lubricating oil for metal processing, paper pulp, wood, paint and plywood, and can be used as slime Control agent, widely used in pulp and circulating cooling water systems in paper mills. This product kills a broad spectrum of bacteria, fungi, yeast, cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) and true algae. DBNPA is a fast fungicide that breaks down quickly in 3-water environments and is safe for the environment.
Fungicides 2-Bromo-2-nitro-1,3-propanediol CAS:52-51-7 SJ009 Product Usage: Biocides are mainly used in industrial circulating water, papermaking pulp, coatings, plastics, cosmetics, wood, cooling water circulation systems, as well as for sterilization, mildew prevention, anticorrosion, and algae killing for industrial purposes. advantage: (1) High efficiency, with broad-spectrum antibacterial activity, it can inhibit the growth of most bacteria at a concentration of 25ppm, and has better effect on Gram-negative bacteria and various Pseudomonas; (2) The dosage is small and the price is low. In cosmetics, the dosage is generally 0.01~0.05%, which is one-tenth of the commonly used preservatives of parabens in cosmetics, and the cost of use is more than half cheaper than that of parabens; (3) Good compatibility. Nutrients such as protein and various cationic, anionic and nonionic surfactants will not affect its bacteriostatic effect; (4) Appropriate pH range. It is effective in the pH range of 4 to 9, that is, in weakly acidic, neutral and alkaline environments, it can maintain a strong bacteriostatic effect after adding it; (5) Good water solubility and easy to use. It is easy to dissolve in water, the solubility in water is 25g at 25°C, and it is extremely convenient to use. Use range and addition amount: This product can be used in creams, lotions, shampoos and other products. The general addition amount is 0.2-0.5‰, and the maximum allowable addition amount in daily chemical products is 1‰. There is no residue in the discharge and will not cause cumulative pollution to the environment. Application PH value range: 4-8; Application temperature range: generally pre-dissolved in an appropriate amount of water and added below 60 °C. Precautions: This product can be used in a wide range of PH, with the best acid to neutral range. It is unstable under high temperature and alkaline conditions, and darkens in color under sunlight. Compatible with most surfactants, but when there are substances containing -SH group in cosmetic raw materials, such as cysteine, etc., their antibacterial activity will be reduced. In addition, metal aluminum can also reduce the antibacterial activity of this product.
Fungicides 4,5-Dichloro-2-n-octyl-3-isothiazolinone CAS:64359-81-5 SJ011 DCOIT is a low-toxicity, high-efficiency, broad-spectrum fungicide mainly used for mold control. It is used in paints, especially marine coatings, decorative wood coatings and the plastics industry. It is primarily used as a dry film mildew inhibitor for paints, coatings, paper, stains, plastics, wood, shoes, adhesives, metalworking fluids and printing inks. It is easy to incorporate into water-based or solvent-based formulations.
Fungicides 4-Chloro-3,5-dimethylphenol CAS:88-04-0 SJ013 ① Hospital and general medicinal use: skin disinfection of patients before surgery; sterilization of medical equipment; daily cleaning of equipment and hard surfaces to avoid cross infection; can be used to produce medical antibacterial soap, athlete''s foot disinfectant and general first aid supplies ; It can be formulated into liquid, anhydrous hand sanitizer, powder, cream and lotion; it can also be used as a preservative in other medicines. ②Household and daily sterilization: bactericides and insecticides (liquid, cream and lotion) for skin wounds; general disinfectants and detergents; germicidal soaps and hand sanitizers for personal hygiene; shampoos (especially those with deodorants) dandruff functional products). ③Industrial: Coating surface: added to the coating as a fungicide, suitable for wet environments; glue and adhesive: prevent microbial decomposition, avoid odor, block filters and corrode metals, prevent product failure; leather treatment: Prevents mildew growth and resists bacterial and fungal attack (especially salted fur, vegetable hides and raw hides that are salted or air-dried).
Fungicides Benzisothiazolinone CAS:2634-33-5 SJ015 Industrial sterilization, antiseptic, anti-enzyme agent. It has a prominent inhibitory effect on the growth of microorganisms such as molds (fungi, bacteria) and algae in organic media, and solves a series of problems such as moldy, fermentation, deterioration, demulsification, odor, etc. of organic products caused by the growth of microorganisms. Therefore, developed countries use BIT widely in latex products, water-soluble resins, coatings (latex paints), acrylics, and polymers. Polyurethane products, photographic lotions, paper, ink, leather, lubricants and other products.
Fungicides Zinc pyrithione CAS:13463-41-7 SJ017 ZPT is an excellent anti-scaling agent and anti-seborrheic agent, which can effectively kill the fungus that produces dandruff. The addition of this ingredient in shampoo can improve the product grade and meet the high requirements of consumers for shampoo products. Therefore, ZPT is widely used in the production of daily chemical products shampoo; ZPT is an excellent, broad-spectrum, low-toxic and environmentally friendly product. Bacteriostatic agents for fungi and bacteria can be widely used in civil coatings, adhesives and carpets, etc. The compound preparation of ZPT and cuprous oxide can also be used in ship antifouling paints to prevent crustaceans, algae and aquatic organisms from adhering to the hull plate; ZPT and its similar products have great potential and wide space for application in the field of pesticides due to their excellent properties of high efficiency, environmental protection, low toxicity and broad spectrum.
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