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Photoinitiators Photoinitiator TPO CAS:75980-60-8 PI-TPO Photoinitiator TPO is an efficient free radical type I photoinitiator, mainly used for UV polymerization and curing of corresponding resins, especially suitable for curing of low yellowing, white system and thick film layer, screen printing ink, lithographic printing Inks, flexo inks, wood coatings, etc. Photoinitiator TPO is an efficient free radical solid photoinitiator, mostly used in white systems, and can be used in UV-curable coatings, printing inks, UV-curable adhesives, optical fiber coatings, etc. It is mainly used for UV curing of unsaturated styrene polyester and acrylic resin. Its UV spectrum is located in the long wavelength region, and it can completely cure white coatings and thick coatings with titanium dioxide (TiO2) as the pigment.
Photoinitiators Photoinitiator 184 CAS:947-19-3 PI-184 Photoinitiator 184 is an efficient free radical type I non-yellowing photoinitiator for UV polymerization of monofunctional or multifunctional acrylate monomers and oligomers. Used in varnishes, plastic coatings, wood coatings, adhesives, lithographic inks, screen printing inks, flexo inks, electronics, etc.
Photoinitiators Photoinitiator 369 CAS:119313-12-1 PI-369 This product is a photoinitiator with high sensitivity range and high UV absorption, which is used to initiate free radical photopolymerization. It can be compounded with other photoinitiators such as 184 or BDK, 907, and ITX for UV curing. In inks and coatings. 369 is particularly suitable for UV curing of colored systems, especially blue and black hue systems, and can even be used in systems containing UV absorbers. 369 is used in the packaging field, such as offset printing, screen ink, etc., and in the electronic industry, such as: photoresist, solder resist ink, etc. Since the effect of 369 photoinitiation depends largely on different formulations, the best effect and dosage should be obtained by formula testing.
Photoinitiators Photoinitiator 907 CAS:71868-10-5 PI-907 Photoinitiator 907 is a high-efficiency photoinitiator used in UV curing systems, which can make it non-yellowing and prolonged storage for a long time. An initiator specifically for pigmented UV-curable coatings, inks and adhesives colored curing systems. It can be used in combination with 184, ITX and other initiators for colored ink systems, paper, metal and plastic varnishes and electronic inks. It can also be used as a UV absorber in cosmetics and other industries. The general dosage is 2-6%.
Photoinitiators Photoinitiator 1173 CAS:7473-98-5 PI-1173 Photoinitiator 1173 is a high-efficiency, non-yellowing UV photoinitiator. For the UV curing system of unsaturated polyester system and multifunctional monomer, it has the characteristics of low odor, non-yellowing, good color stability, etc. It can be easily compounded with other photoinitiators, and the general dosage is 1-4 %.
Photoinitiators Photoinitiator ITX CAS:5495-84-1 PI-ITX ITX is a highly efficient free radical (II) type photoinitiator; acts as a sensitizer when used with anionic photoinitiators. Product application, with 907 combined with excellent results; used for layer curing of the corresponding resins together with tertiary amine complexing agents; ITX is used for transparent or colored UV-curable screen printing inks, copy varnishes, lithographic printing inks, flexo printing inks, High-efficiency photoinitiator for electronic products, wood coatings, adhesives, and photoresists, generally used together with amine synergist EDB, the recommended dosage is 0.2-2%w/w.
Photoinitiators Photoinitiator 651 (BDK) CAS:24650-42-8 PI-BDK Photoinitiator 651 is a widely used photoinitiator in UV curing systems. It has strong absorption properties in ink, varnish and other systems, and the general dosage is 2-5%. It is widely used in the polymerization of acrylates and monomers, and the polymerization and cross-linking of unsaturated polyesters. It has been used in coatings and adhesives. BDK is an efficient UV-curing initiator, mainly used as the initiator of UV-curing reaction, used in ink, paper and metal paint.
Photoinitiators Photoinitiator 784 (FMT) CAS:125051-32-3 PI-784 Photoinitiator 784 is mainly used as reactive diluent for UV and visible light curing of unsaturated prepolymers with mono- or multifunctional vinyl monomers and oligomers. It is especially suitable for curing of photosensitive resins for imaging or information storage in high-tech and high-value-added fields, information storage equipment, such as photosensitive layers, holography, laser direct imaging, stereolithography, etc. This product is a UV curing agent, mainly used for UV curing of alkyd resin, silicone resin, epoxy resin, etc. Widely used in UV coatings, UV inks, UV adhesives, photoresists, photopolymer printing plates, composite materials, dental fillings. Since the product decomposed during the curing process is colorless or white, it can be used in both light-colored and dark-colored systems, and can be used in visible light curing systems with broad bleaching effect.
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