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Others Polymercaptan GH300 CAS:72244-98-5 GH300 Product Description: With light color and low toxicity, GH300 is an effective liquid curing agent for epoxy resins. It has very fast curing speed at lower temperature and small film thickness, and can further improve the curing speed when used together with amine curing agent. Can replace GPM800/ Capcure3800/ QE340-M. Can be used as epoxy resin curing agent/accelerator for quick-drying coatings, adhesives, casting, etc. It is especially suitable for use in the field of quick repair glue and low temperature curing in winter operations. product advantages: 1. Fast curing at room temperature, with a variety of curing speed options; 2. Good transparency, low color; 3. Good heat resistance, water resistance and solvent resistance Application areas: 1. Industrial quick adhesive; 2. Building structural adhesive; 3. Epoxy potting, lamination, casting; 4. Epoxy curing accelerator
Others Polymercaptan GH310 CAS:72244-98-5 GH310 Product Description: GH310 is an amine catalyzed epoxy curing material that cures rapidly at room temperature. It can be used as a single curing agent, or as an accelerator for amine or amide curing agents. Can replace GPM888. After the modified polythiol curing agent series products are mixed with epoxy resin, they can achieve rapid gel curing under low temperature and thin coating film, and have obvious advantages over other curing agents in rapid repair, winter and low temperature operation. . As an important epoxy rapid curing agent in the fields of rapid bonding, lamination, casting, etc., it is widely used in craft accessories, electronic appliances, civil construction, composite materials, photovoltaic new energy and other industries. product advantages: 1. Excellent low temperature curing ability; 2. The curing time is 3-5 minutes; 3. Low toxicity Application areas: 1. Civil adhesives; 2. Emergency repair adhesives such as auto repair agents; 3. Model and craft adhesives and coatings; 4. Industrial adhesives; 5. Electronic and electrical adhesives; 6. Concrete slurry and repair agent; 7. Coatings; 8. Other epoxy systems accelerate curing
Others Di-tert-butyl polysulfide CAS:68937-96-2 LH300 It is an ideal substitute for the widely used dimethyl disulfide, which is comparable to similar foreign products. It is widely used as a pre-sulfiding agent for hydrogenation catalysts in hydrogenation units and as an anti-coking agent for ethylene cracking units. This compound is the most prominent. Features: high sulfur content, high purity of organic polysulfides, no impurities, no metal ions, no catalyst poisoning when used as a pre-vulcanizing agent; wide molecular weight distribution, wide decomposition temperature range during vulcanization, and catalyst concentration can be avoided when vulcanizing the catalyst Exothermic, does not sinter the catalyst, and facilitates the sulfidation operation. At the same time, since the decomposition products are small molecular hydrocarbons, the catalyst will not be polluted by carbon deposition. Another outstanding feature is its small odor, non-volatile, safe to use, and easy to store and transport.
Others SBQ CAS:74401-04-0 GM-SBQ Used as a composite material for water-soluble photosensitive coatings. Mainly used for the production of silk screen photo gel. The performance is better than the binary diazo powder, with high stability, no dark reaction, high photosensitivity and thermal stability. Negative working sensitizer for esterified pre-sensitized offset printing plates that replaces diazo intermediates but provides higher quality and faster exposure times with longer shelf life. Application of SBQ: 1) Organic vinyl pyridine resin (SBQ photosensitive resin) Adding water-soluble resin and other additives, SBQ photosensitive resin can be made into a single-liquid type water-soluble SBQ photosensitive resin for the production of screen printing plates, through which it can be used for water-soluble Printing ink. Sizing material viscose. Printing images on textiles, clothes, and paper towels have the advantages of high sensitivity, good separation clarity, and smooth surface. 2) Organic vinyl pyridine resin (SBQ photosensitive resin) is added with water-resistant resin and other additives. SBQ photosensitive resin can be made into single-liquid type solvent-resistant. SBQ photosensitive resin is used to make solvent-resistant ink printing plates, and can be used for solvent-based inks, such as solder mask ink, letterpress ink, and stacking ink. Soluble inks, foam inks, etc., are mainly used for printed products: PCB, instrumentation, AD board, various brands, nameplates, decals, plastic, glass, metal, leather, etc. 3) Organic vinyl pyridine resin (SBQ photosensitive resin) can be provided for offset printing.
Others PBG CAS:31923-86-1 PM-PBG Polyether polymer material, widely used in plastic products.
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